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ENHANCING response in Yemen 

Assessing the humanitarian situation and needs in Yemen has become increasingly difficult in 2017 and 2018. Ongoing insecurity, administrative and movement restrictions, violence against humanitarians, and obstruction of civilian access to services continue to hamper access in Yemen.

In this context, it is very difficult to run quality data collection. Besides that, data collection and analysis are seen as sensitive by all parties to the conflict. Whenever data analysis and publication are possible, most is sectoral, undertaken within the individual clusters. There is a shared need for more joint, integrated, and forward-looking analysis.

yemen_sanaa_nrc-alvhild_stromme_2017_1.pngWhat will ACAPS bring?

The ACAPS Yemen Analysis Hub was set up to conduct integrated analysis in support of humanitarian and development actors working on the Yemen crisis. Being a non-operational organisation, we strive to support the understanding of humanitarian needs and developments in Yemen by analyzing the available data in an unbiased and inter-sectoral manner.

We have a dedicated team of analysts in Amman, supported by technical experts in secondary data analysis, needs assessment, scenario building, risk, and analysis capacity building ready to provide:

  • Thematic analysis to build a better understanding of context and needs;
  • Forward-looking analysis, including scenario building;
  • Local analytical capacity building through technical support and training;
  • Support to local actors with data management and analysis.

For more information on this project, please contact YAHinfo(at)acaps.org

This three-year project benefited from support by the IMEDA programme, a UK Aid project funded by the UK government.

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