Briefing notes

Myanmar and Bangladesh: Rohingya Displacement
Created: 07/11/2017 +


As of 5 November, some 609,000 people have fled northern Rakhine state in Myanmar to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh following an eruption of violence on 25 August. A large number have likely also been internally displaced within Rakhine state, but data is not available on this. The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), an insurgent group, launched multiple attacks on government posts in Rakhine state, to which the Myanmar military responded with heavy force. However, it has been reported that military clearance operations targeting Rohingya may have begun prior to the ARSA attack. There are high levels of need among Rohingya both in Cox’s Bazar and also likely among IDPs in northern Rakhine. Rohingya in central Rakhine have also been affected to a lesser extent.

Myanmar and Bangladesh: Rohingya displacement and protection crisis
Created: 08/09/2017 +


Some 270,000 people have fled Rakhine state in Myanmar to Bangladesh following an eruption of violence on 25 August. The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), an Islamic insurgent group, launched multiple attacks on government posts in Rakhine state, and Myanmar security forces then launched counter attacks causing mass displacement. An estimated 400,000 Rohingya are still trapped in conflict zones of Rakhine state, where needs are unknown and access virtually impossible. In Bangladesh, the sudden influx, on top of an existing crisis, means needs are high. In addition to the 270,000 who have fled so far, a further 40,000 are stranded in an accessible area near the border after being stopped by border guards.   

Bangladesh: Refugee Influx
Created: 18/01/2017 +


Three border posts along the Myanmar–Bangladesh border were attacked on 9 October by Harakah al-Yaqin, a resurgent group in Rakhine state which has supposed links to the Rohingya. In response, the Myanmar Army has deployed more troops into the northern Rakhine area, mainly in Maungdaw, and has conducted a security operation. At least 130 people have since been killed in raids and skirmishes. A state of emergency has been declared.

Myanmar: Floods
Created: 07/04/2016 +


74 people have died, over 39,500 displaced households (197,500 individuals) and over 330,000 people have been affected in 12 out of Myanmar’s 14 states and regions after over a week of torrential rains which began 26 July, linked to Cyclone Komen. The numbers of dead and affected continue to rise.

On 31 July, Rakhine state, Chin state, Sagaing region and Magway region were declared natural disaster zones.

Access has been severely restricted as floods and landslides have destroyed or damaged vital infrastructure.

The needs of those affected is yet to be assessed. Myanmar’s large displaced population, particularly the 130,000–140,000 Rohingya are particularly vulnerable

Thematic reports

Crisis Overview 2015: Humanitarian Trends and Risks for 2016
Created: 22/04/2016 +


The Crisis Overview 2015: Humanitarian Trends and Risks for 2016, outlines the countries considered to be in greatest humanitarian need as we approach the end of 2015.

Based on our weekly Global Emergency Overview (GEO), and three years of data on humanitarian needs across 150 countries, we have identified eleven countries where humanitarian needs are likely to be highest in 2016, as well as seven that merit attention, as they face a potential spike in needs. A final section considers the potential impact of the current El Niño event across a number of regions.