Humanitarians make life-saving decisions. But in a complex, fast-moving situation, it’s hard to get a clear picture. ACAPS helps you see the crisis.
  • Palestine: Impact of the May 2021 conflict escalation

    Thematic series - October 2021
  • Colombia: Regional needs analysis on Nariño and the Telembí triangle

    Thematic series - September 2021
  • Yemen: Impact of remittances on its economy

    Thematic report - 15 October 2021
  • INFORM Severity Index

    September 2021 - monthly update
  • New job vacancies

    ​​​​​​​Consultancy for real-time evaluation of the MIRE consortium - Colombia
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On 15 October, the President of Central African Republic declared a “unilateral and immediate” ce...

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Large-scale protests have been reported since 16 October in Khartoum, accusing the civilian parts...

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The Houthis took control of Al Abdiyah district in the south of Marib governorate on 17 October, ...

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