An overview of the humanitarian access situation

The biannual publication Humanitarian Access Overview provides a snapshot of the most challenging contexts regarding humanitarian access. In this report we compare the level of humanitarian access between the previous update and the current situation.

Humanitarian Access Overview - October 2019

Humanitarian Access Overview - May 2019

Humanitarian Access Overview - August 2018

Humanitarian Access Overview - March 2018

Humanitarian Access Overview - August 2017

Our methodology groups 9 indicators under 3 dimensions:


Each indicator is given a score from 0 to 3 and marked with an X when there is an information gap identified.
The overall access score by country is ranked according to the following scale:

0 - No constraints
1 - Low constraints
2 - Moderate constraints
3 - High constraints
4 - Very high constraints
5 – Extreme constraints

We are providing analytical narratives for countries scored between level 3 to 5. Countries scored as 0 - no constraints are not included in this report. The narratives are provided both in the Humanitarian Access Overview as well as in each country page.

Download the ACAPS ‘Humanitarian Access methodology’