An overview of the humanitarian access situation

The biannual publication Humanitarian Access Overview provides a snapshot of the most challenging contexts regarding humanitarian access. In this report we compare the level of humanitarian access between the previous update and the current situation.

Our methodology groups 9 indicators under 3 dimensions:


Each indicator is given a score from 0 to 3.
The overall access score by country is ranked according to the following scale:

5 – Extreme constraints
4 - Very high constraints
3 - High constraints
2 - Moderate constraints
1 - Low constraints
0 - No constraints

We are providing analytical narratives for countries scored between level 3 to 5; countries scored as '0 - No constraints' are not included in this report. The narratives are provided in the Humanitarian Access Overview as well as in each country page.

Download the ACAPS Humanitarian Access methodology note

other technical notes on access

Study on ACAPS' humanitarian access indicators using Bayesian networks

This study aims to explore ACAPS’ analysis framework for assessing and measuring humanitarian access constraints in operational settings. It does so by analysing different components of the analysis framework, exploring and establishing connections between the used indicators and subindicators. The study chose Bayesian networks as the probabilistic graphical model to explore the conditional dependencies in the set of used variables. This analysis will serve two purposes: to present a review of the current methodology, which can constitute the basis for methodology adjustments, and to provide useful insights for humanitarian access practitioners regarding which constraints are likely to occur together.

Download the Technical Brief