"We collect a lot of data. But being able to really understand what that data means and how we can use it to project any future scenarios, was extremely useful."  - Lilian Kamau, Senior Project Officer, Mixed Migration Centre

Improving the quality of anlaysis

The Humanitarian Analysis Programme (HAP) helps those responsible for analysis to hone their analytical skills and improve the quality of the analysis carried out within their organisations. It offers theoretical and practical assignments on advanced analysis techniques, designing, communicating and using analysis for decision making, scenario building and joint analysis. 

It runs over a period of 6 months including face-to-face trainings, as well as distance learning with the support of mentors.

So far the HAP received a total of 18 participants from 11 organizations in November 2019, such as OCHA, IOM, NRC, Save the Children, and Mercy Corps among others.

For more information on this programme, please contact Eirini Karanisa at ek(at)acaps.org