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Our services

Tailored support

ACAPS can produce tailored analytical products, scenario-building workshops, and field assessments upon request. These services can complement your work in a collaborative learning environment and support your decision-making mechanisms.

Customised Analytical Products

Since 2014, ACAPS has been providing third-party services to the START Network. We produce briefing notes on humanitarian crises within 24 hours from the time the alert is raised. The reports are used to inform decisions around the allocation of START Fund resources. 

Scenario-building workshops

ACAPS develops ad hoc scenarios to help analyse how situations may evolve and identify their potential humanitarian impact. Scenario-building is an essential part of humanitarian operations as it informs contingency-planning and preparedness measures for possible developments. 

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We provide assessment support to existing in-country humanitarian coordination mechanisms, such as the Multi-Sectoral Needs Assessment (MSNA), the Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO), and the Protection Cluster.  ACAPS maintains a roster of highly qualified professionals available for deployment in sudden- and slow-onset disasters or in assessment preparedness contexts.

ACAPS workshop in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, in support of the Rohingya refugee response.