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ACAPS has completed hundreds of training sessions and workshops, and trained about 100 junior analysts to reinforce the analytical capacity of the humanitarian architecture.

Humanitarian needs analysis aims to make sense of available information and identify significant facts, trends, and anomalies to inform efficient and effective decision-making.

ACAPS approach

We have gained a strong reputation for the technical know-how and transparency of our resources. Existing analysis training tends to focus on technical, statistical, and software-based analysis. We believe that analysis is more than that; we believe that it is a process that requires the application of cognitive functions, an inquisitive mindset, and the use of structured analytical techniques.

Our approach builds on the experience of training programmes like the Humanitarian Analysis Programme that ACAPS offered for several years to partners at global and regional levels since 2018. The six-month educational programme aimed to help partners develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of individuals responsible for analysis within their respective organisations. 

“The course really resonates well with me especially now when we’re doing our search optimisation and seeing how we can base our emergency needs assessment and planning on humanitarian analysis.”

Mununuri Musori
Senior Officer, Information Management, IFRC

“I would like to recommend this course to both cluster coordinators and information management because its applicable way beyond information management."

Geraldine Bellocq
Global Nutrition Cluster Help Desk

Currently, ACAPS is working on improving and scaling up the training sessions previously delivered through the Humanitarian Analysis Programme.


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