Humanitarians make life-saving decisions. But in a complex, fast-moving situation, it’s hard to get a clear picture. ACAPS helps you see the crisis.
  • INFORM Severity Index

    January 2020
  • Drivers and impact of Yemeni Riyal's volatility

    Thematic report January 2020
  • Cameroon: Escalation of the Anglophone crisis

    Short note 21 January 2020
  • Highlights from 2019 & risks in 2020

    Annual report - December 2019
  • Vulnerabilities in the Rohingya refugee camps

    Thematic report - December 2019
  • Child-focused secondary data review

    Rohingya refugee response

A new tool to enable global decision makers to compare the severity of crises globally, while providing them with a forward-looking scan for risks.

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At least 15 Rohingya refugees have drowned and dozens remain missing after a small boat carrying ...

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Insurgent activities such as the attack on electricity lines on 17 January 2020 and intensified a...

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On 7 February, two hospitals serving up to 15,000 people were damaged due to clashes in Majzer di...

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