Humanitarians make life-saving decisions. But in a complex, fast-moving situation, it’s hard to get a clear picture. ACAPS helps you see the crisis.
  • Lake Chad Basin: Impact of extreme weather & climate events on food security

    Thematic report - 17 August 2022
  • Job opportunities

    for analysts in Ukraine, and climate change expert (remotely)
  • Sudan: increased violence in Darfur region

    Briefing note - 12 August 2022
  • Yemen: Social impact monitoring report April to June 2022

    Thematic series - August 2022
  • DRC: Humanitarian concerns in North and South Kivu, and Ituri

    Briefing note - 21 July 2022
  • Update on the humanitarian impact

    Briefing note - 18 July 2022
  • Humanitarian Access Overview

    All-new analysis, dataset & dashboard
  • Ukraine: humanitarian crisis

    Deep-dives and datasets to explore

A new tool to enable global decision makers to compare the severity of crises globally, while providing them with a forward-looking scan for risks.

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Some families in Lebanon have been spending up to 50% of their monthly income on bread, a staple ...

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The northwestern town of Tawergha has been severely impacted by the conflict in Libya since 2011,...

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