The objective of the dataset is to provide information for decision makers to improve their efforts in addressing the wider effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The ACAPS COVID-19 Analytical Framework, together with the data collected for the Government Measures dataset, provided the foundation for the Secondary Impacts Analytical Framework and dataset. The dataset will track secondary impacts across a wide range of relevant themes such as economy, health, migration and education.

Around 80 impact indicators, anticipated to be impacted by COVID-19, have been identified and organised across 4 pillars and 13 thematic blocks. Additionally, a set of around 25 pre-COVID-19 baseline indicators have been selected for each pillar.

Data Collection

The data collection is conducted on a country-level and identifies the secondary impacts of COVID- 19 pandemic in more than 190 countries. Data comes from a range of available sources including international organisations, research centres and media analysis.

The data collection is supported by a group of student volunteers from various universities worldwide. Volunteers receive training on the analytical framework and indicators to ensure coherent data. Additional guidance on analytical and data collection techniques are also provided by an ACAPS analyst team which supervises the data entered. This model has already been successfully implemented in the ACAPS Government Measures project.

Note: These are the preliminary results of the data collection on secondary impacts. This dataset is currently in the beta-testing phase, we will keep improving and updating in the coming weeks.

For any comments, please contact us at info@acaps.org

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