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*** This project is no longer running ***

Since March 2020 ACAPS has focused its analytical engine on examining the COVID-19 pandemic, and its impact on humanitarian outcomes around the world

Over the past months ACAPS has developed a COVID-19 analytical framework to guide a coherent approach to analysis across the world, developed two global datasets (Government Measures and Secondary Impacts of COVID-19) and published over 30 analytical products through its teams in Geneva, Bangladesh, Jordan and Colombia.  

While many COVID-19: Key questions and information gaps remain, the immediate crisis is subsiding through the leaps forward in global knowledge and understanding of the virus. ACAPS is taking this opportunity to reflect on its COVID-19 analysis to date, identify key findings, lessons and emerging analysis needs.  

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Latest reports


COVID-19 Anticipatory Analysis

ACAPS explored potential risks and scenarios through forward looking analysis in Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Yemen, Venezuela, Cox’s Bazar and at the global level.  
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COVID-19 Perspectives of communities

ACAPS has looked at the perspectives of communities in Yemen and Cox’s Bazar on COVID-19 and the interplay of cultural factors in outbreak containment and management. 
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COVID-19 Government Measures

The COVID-19 Government Measures Dataset puts together all the measures implemented by governments worldwide in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.
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Secondary Impacts of COVID-19

The dataset tracks secondary impacts of COVID-19 across a wide range of relevant themes such as economy, health, migration and education.
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People on the move & COVID-19

Containment measures have significantly limited movement of goods and people, particularly of migrants, informal workers and asylum seekers.
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Vulnerability to COVID-19 containment measures

ACAPS identified eight key factors to be considered in the design of COVID-19 response strategies related to the vulnerability of a country’s population to containment measures.
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Education & COVID-19

This thematic series analyses challenges to equal and universal access to education in the context of limiting the spread of COVID-19.
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Gender & COVID-19

The pandemic has impacted gender, people with disabilities, and LGBTIQ+ individuals differently and humanitarian programming should be adapted to those new needs.
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COVID-19 Impacts on humanitarian programming

ACAPS researched the impact of COVID-19 on humanitarian programming through conducting surveys and series of interviews.
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