Colombia: Impact of COVID-19 Government Measures
Created: 16/04/2020 +


The first case of COVID-19 was reported in Colombia on 6 March 2020. The government has since implemented a series of containment measures to mitigate disease spread and strengthen the Colombian health system. The containment measures themselves have a secondary impact, affecting humanitarian needs among vulnerable population groups. The purpose of this report is to support the humanitarian response in Colombia to understand the following issues:

  • How do government measures mitigate the epidemic impact on vulnerable population groups?
  • What are their factors of vulnerability in relation to the measures?
  • Which humanitarian needs are likely to arise in the short to medium term?

The primary focus of the analysis is on Colombian internally displaced people (IDPs), Venezuelan refugees and migrants, and, to a lesser extent, Colombian host communities and Colombian returnees, although some findings and conclusions apply to broader population groups (such as low-income households in general). This report does not present specialised health analysis and does not focus on government measures directly related to health.

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