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*** This project is no longer running ***

Analysis in South Sudan

South Sudan continues to be a complex, protracted crisis with some of the worst indicators globally on living conditions. Decision-makers are faced with a fluid context, requiring emergency programming in hard-to-reach areas, while at the same time engaging in transition and recovery activities for potential peace and return.

The peace agreement in 2018 has brought to a fragile truce, with areas of stability. However, the wars have left four million displaced and seven million people in need of humanitarian support. Populations attempting to return find their villages are deserted and infrastructure destroyed. In addition, critical malnutrition levels and severe food insecurity persists in the country as conflict has disrupted livelihoods and food production.


acaps role

ACAPS started collaborating with IOM’s Displacement Tracking Monitoring (DTM) project in South Sudan in October 2019. ACAPS will work with DTM and other data collection organisations to enhance evidence based decision-making and response planning in South Sudan through timely, quality, and independent integrated analysis.

Supported by global technical experts in secondary and primary data analysis, needs assessment, scenario building, and analysis capacity building, the team in South Sudan will focus on providing:

  • Regular situation updates providing an analysis of recent developments;
  • Thematic analysis to build a better understanding of context and needs in South Sudan;
  • Severity and trends mapping to ensure aid is targeted;
  • Forward-looking analysis, including scenario building;
  • Technical support to other humanitarian actors with data management and analysis.

For more information on this project, please contact info(at)acaps.org

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