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*** This project is no longer running ***

Papua New Guinea: assessing needs after natural hazards

ACAPS has been working with UNDP on a Disaster Management Project supporting the Government’s National Disaster Centre.  

The role of ACAPS was to develop a new rapid needs assessment tool for assessing and analysing needs after natural hazards. This included the design of a data collection tool. 

The work started in November 2017 with the deployment of two ACAPS experts. The data collection tool has been recently tested and adjusted. 

Fiji: Cash feasability Assessment_mgw1902.jpg

ACAPS together with Save the Children Australia conducted a Cash Feasibility Assessment in July 2018 in some remote areas of Fiji, including the island of Koro, the most severely area after Tropical Cyclone Winston in 2016.

Save the Children will use the learning from this assessment to inform how they go about disaster preparedness in Fiji including specific cash preparedness activities. This is part of a broader effort to understand the utility of cash for humanitarian response in the Pacific funded by The Australian Government DFAT Disaster Ready initiative.

Our involvement in this Assessment is an example of H2H in action: rather than rely on their own team, Save the Children saw value in using the humanitarian expertise of a niche service provider such as ACAPS.

For more information on these two projects, please contact Sandie Walton-Ellery: swe(at)acaps.org