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Key figures

  • 326,000 People displaced [?]
  • 283,000 People in Need [?]



As of March 2019 there are around 287,000 refugees and 39,000 asylum seekers registered in Tanzania, of whom 74% originate from Burundi and 26% from DRC.?The 2015 elections in Burundi sparked widespread insecurity and a new influx of refugees into Tanzania.?The vast majority live in Nyarugusu (154,000), Nduta (92,000), and Mtendeli (37,000) camps in the northwest of the country. A small population (less than 1,000) are hosted in urban centres, mainly in Dar es Salaam.?

Due to the protracted refugee situation, restrictive policies, and chronic underfunding, the refugee population in Tanzania remains highly dependent on humanitarian assistance. Over 50% of refugees and asylum seekers across the three camps live in inadequate emergency shelters and tents, increasing the risk of sexual and gender-based violence. 60% of refugees do not have dignified family latrines and rely on communal latrines. There is limited access to health facilities, services, supplies and a shortage of NFIs.?

INFORM measures Tanzania's risk of humanitarian crisis and disaster to be high, at 5.6/10.?

Latest Developments


No recent significant humanitarian developments. This country is being monitored by our analysis team.

Other country developments


27/05: Since 8 May heavy rainfall has been affecting southern and eastern Tanzania, causing flash flooding. At least five people have died and some 2,570 have been displaced. Infrastructure has damaged, schools closed and crops destroyed, raising fears of food shortages in coming months. There is also an increased prevalence and risk of vector transmitted, and water borne diseases. Shelter, food and medical assistance are the main needs. Heavy rains are forecast to continue until the end of the month.?