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Key figures

  • 122,000 People displaced [?]



More than 121,000 Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees reside in Sudan, mostly in remote camps in eastern Kassala state as 28 February 2019. UNHCR estimates that around 1,500-2,500 Eritreans cross into Sudan monthly. Return movements are not expected for 2019. There is limited information about the severity of their needs. However, similar to other refugee populations in Sudan, Eritreans face high levels of poverty, food insecurity, limited access to livelihood opportunities, and restrictions on freedom of movement. It must be assumed that access to education and for refugee children is limited. ?Additionally, protections concerns are high as Eritrean asylum seekers, particularly Christians (Habesha), continuously face violence by Sudanese forces and being detained as they cannot present necessary documentation as seen in May 2018. ? They are also at high risk to become victims of (involuntary) human trafficking and, especially women and girls, are exposed to a high risk of sexual exploitation. Many migrants turn to smuggling networks in order to reach the Middle East or Europe. Corruption, insecurity and porous borders have enabled criminal networks of arms smugglers and human traffickers. To counter these networks, Sudan’s eastern border crossings with Eritrea have been shut in 2018, but many reopened in February 2019. ?

Latest Developments


No recent significant humanitarian developments. The situation is being monitored by our analysis team.

Humanitarian Access


No information about access constraints related to Eritrean refugees is available. 

Information Gabs and Needs

  • Sectoral needs and severity of needs of Eritrean refugees are unknown.
  • Lack of geographical information about the whereabouts of Eritrean refugees in- and outside camps.
  • Numbers of Eritreans smuggled into Sudan remains unknown.