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Key figures

  • 17,258,000 Total population [?]
  • 770,000 People in Need [?]



Senegal has a high level of vulnerability to food insecurity, particularly in the semi-arid northern and eastern regions. Food insecurity in Senegal commonly results from recurrent natural hazards, especially drought and seasonal flooding.?

Approximately 511,000 people in Senegal were facing Crisis (IPC Phase 3) and Emergency (IPC Phase 4) levels of food insecurity during the September–December 2020 period. While overall reaching sufficient levels of production, the 2020/2021 agricultural season has been affected by a deficit in food for animals in certain departments, and by heavy rainfall which has damaged crops and led to the proliferation of pests.

In the June–August 2021 projected period, the food security situation of 858,000 people in need of food assistance could further deteriorate because of deficits in cereal production, causing a premature depletion of food stocks. Those vulnerable to food insecurity could begin experiencing the lean season (June–September) earlier than usual.?

Latest Developments


No significant recent humanitarian developments. This crisis is being monitored by our analysis team.