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Key figures

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  • 70,090 Refugees from Burundi [?]



Congolese and Burundian refugees fleeing political persecution, economic, and social unrest continue to cross into Rwanda, stretching already inadequate resources and posing potential risks to food security in the country. Agriculture is central to Rwanda’s economy and 89% of rural households rely on small-scale farming. Climate change however will likely intensify rainfall, leading to floods in the central, north and south. Prolonged dry seasons in the east and southeast are also likely to intensify droughts across farming communities. Although most of the over 74, 000 Congolese and about 69,000 Burundian refugees stay in camps, they rely almost entirely on food assistance. They also have limited access to electricity and clean drinking water. Whereas most Burundians entered Rwanda after May 2015 and some have been returning to Burundi, most of the Congolese refugee population have been in Rwanda since 1996 and have limited prospects for repatriation. Continued political instability and social unrest in both Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo may lead to more arrivals.?


Latest Developments


No significant recent humanitarian developments. This crisis is being monitored by our analysis team.

Key Priorities


Food: Refugees, asylum seekers living in camps almost completely rely on food assistance.?

Health: Ten districts in Rwanda are at high risk of cross/border Ebola transmissions DRC. Anaemia prevalence among refugee children under five remains high. 44.6% of children in Mahama and Nyabiheke  refugee camps are affected.?

Livelihood opportunities are extremely limited for refugees living in camps. Rwanda has committed to promote economic inclusion and integration as part of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework.?