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Active conflict in Ukraine re-escalated on 24 February 2022 when the Russian military entered different Ukrainian cities in a full-scale military operation. Heavy clashes led to civilian casualties and shelling, significantly damaging homes, public buildings, and critical infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, and roads.? 

Insecurity forced over 6.59 million people to leave their homes and seek safety in neighbouring countries, including Poland, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, and Hungary. Over 8 million people are estimated to be displaced within Ukraine.?

Over 3.52 million people crossed into Poland since 24 February 2022, as at 23 May. Displaced people are sheltering in 28 reception centres and 26 collective sites across Ukraine, rented accommodation, or with friends and relatives. Humanitarian organization and government are providing assistance to the displaced people.?

Latest Developments


No recent significant humanitarian developments. The crisis is being monitored by our analysis team.