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Key figures

  • 26,700,000 Total population [?]
  • 117,000 People affected [?]
  • 16,000 People displaced [?]
  • 4,228,000 Minimal humanitarian conditions - Level 1 [?]



Madagascar is experiencing heavy rains which have caused flooding and landslides in the central, northwestern, and northeastern part of the country. Areas affected include Antananarivo, Andapa, Mahajanga, Alaotra Mangoro, Analamanga Betsiboka, Boeny, Melaky, and Sofala. As of 27 January, 32 people have been reported dead, 19 missing, over 16,000 displaced, and about 116,000 people affected. Over 14,000 homes have been flooded with more than 1,500 destroyed. Roads, dams, and electricity poles were also destroyed. Damaged roads and overflowing dams are also cutting off villages in the northern part from the rest of the country, increasing the lack of access to displaced and affected populations. Major areas hit by the floods are only accessible by air. Rice plains and farmlands have also been washed away increasing the risks of food insecurity. The Government has declared a state of emergency in the affected areas while INGOs have begun emergency response.?

Tropical Cyclone Francisco was expected to make a landfall on 14 February 2020. Although the cyclone is poised to hit areas in south-east coast of Atsinanana Region, close to Vatomandry City, more rainfall and thunderstorms have been forecasted for other areas which have already experienced floods. The risks of more displacement are thus heightened.?

Latest Developments


No significant recent humanitarian developments. This crisis is being monitored by our analysis team.