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  • Impact ?
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  • Humanitarian Conditions ?
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Key figures

  • 2,263,000 Total population [?]
  • 819,000 People affected [?]



Well-below average rainfall since October has led to a deterioration of the pasture and livestock conditions. Food security had previously been impacted by the late onset of rains, dry spells and frost during the 2017-2018 agricultural season, when national production only covered 21% of the national needs of cereals for human consumption. ?As a result, 11% of the country’s population is experiencing IPC Phase 3 (Crisis) or above, a proportion expected to rise to 18% between September 2018 and February 2019 as reduced rainfall is expected in the following months, with a prediction for El Niño exceeding 80% likelihood. ?The last El Niño events in 2015-16 resulted in drought conditions and impacted the livelihoods and food security of 35% of the country’s population. ?


Latest Developments


No significant recent humanitarian developments. This country is being monitored by our analysis team.