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As at 24 January 2021, 500 refugees and migrants had arrived in Italy in 2021 via the Central Mediterranean route. In 2020, a total of 34,154 arrivals were registered by UNHCR.?

More Tunisian refugees and migrants arrive in Italy than any other nationality. The summer months of 2020 in particular saw an increase in Tunisians crossing the Mediterranean to Italy, with over 2,230 travelling this route in August. This peak was presumably associated with the deteriorating economic situation in Tunisia.?

In February 2020, the Libya-Italy Memorandum of Understanding on Migration (LIMUM) was extended for another three years. The LIMUM provides Italian support to Libyan maritime authorities to stop vessels and to return asylum seekers to detention camps in Libya.?

COVID-19-related movement restrictions have had an impact on projects that provide migrants with food, work, and support with integration. Many migrants have also lost their sources of livelihoods because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.?

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No significant recent humanitarian developments. This crisis is being monitored by our analysis team.