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Key figures

  • 1,568,000 People affected [?]
  • 1,117,000 People displaced [?]
  • 1,557,000 People in Need [?]

Special Reports




Longstanding grievances among the Anglophone population based in Northwest (NW) and Southwest (SW) regions concerning marginalisation, particularly in the education and legal systems, by the Francophone-dominated government led to widespread protests in October 2016. When protesters were met with force by Cameroonian security personnel in late 2017, the situation escalated into an armed conflict with increasing support in the Anglophone region to seek independence from Cameroon as an independent English-speaking Republic of Ambazonia.?Some 20 separatist groups, including the Ambazonia Military Forces (AMF), regularly clash with the Cameroonian security forces in the NW-SW regions.?Meanwhile, grave human rights violations and discriminatory treatment of Anglophone civilians by the Cameroonian security forces are regularly reported and drive opposition against the government in the Anglophone regions. ? The breakdown of basic services in the Anglophone region has sparked the displacement of more than 536,000 people to NW, SW, West, and Littoral regions as well as over 46,000 people to Nigeria.?

Latest Developments


No significant recent humanitarian developments. This crisis is being monitored by our analysis team.