Senior Management

Lars Peter Nissen, Geneva

Lars Peter Nissen has been Director of ACAPS since 2009. Experienced in response to both sudden-onset disasters and more protracted crises, he has for the past 20 years worked in numerous crisis across the world, including Myanmar, Pakistan, El Salvador, Turkey, Uganda, Angola, Mozambique, DPRK, Afghanistan, and Zimbabwe. He has conducted a range of reviews and analyses of humanitarian programmes for NGOs, the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement and the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Nathalie Herlemont-Zoritchak, Geneva

Head of Programme
Nathalie joined ACAPS in February 2019 as Head of Programme. Previously she has been working with Handicap International for 17 years, heading HI entity dedicated to analysis of ethical and political issues, and support to field programmes and HI decision-making processes. Experienced in analysis and ethical dilemmas related to humanitarian operations, she made regular field visits to Albania, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Kenya, Mozambique, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Ivory Coast, DRC, Lebanon/Jordan, Iraq, Syria amongst others. Holder of a PhD in Political Science, she is also a senior lecturer at Geneva University/CERAH (Center for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action) and teaches on dynamics of actors in humanitarian settings.

Caroline Draveny, Geneva

Head of Support
Caroline’s experience in the humanitarian sector includes both United Nations and NGO positions. She has worked as Communications Officer for the World Food Programme in Geneva and for Human Rights Watch in Brussels. She also gained experience as a Public Information Officer for UNOCHA in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Geneva. Caroline joined the ACAPS team in mid-March 2010 as Head of Communications.

Ana Escaso Moreno, Geneva

Communications Coordinator
Ana joined ACAPS team in January 2017. She holds a MA in Journalism and Media within Globalisation through the EU’s Erasmus Mundus scheme, with a specialism in Financial Journalism from the City University London. She worked for several broadcasting and news outlets in Spain, Denmark, and London. She also conducted a traineeship in Communications at the European Parliament, and at the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) in Geneva.


Amal Ali, Global Analysis Hub

Information Analyst
Amal joined ACAPS as Information Analyst in April 2021 in Amman. She holds an M.A degree in English Literature and Criticism from Yarmouk University. Prior to joining ACAPS, she worked for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in providing legal information for Syrian refugees.

Covering North and Southern Africa.

Uliana Alnawajah, Global Analysis Hub/ Ukraine Analysis Hub

Information Analyst
Uliana joined ACAPS as an Information Analyst in April 2021. She holds an MA in International Relations, Conflict and Security from Northumbria University at Newcastle, UK. Prior to joining ACAPS she had several roles with local and international organisations focusing mainly on the Syrian Crisis.

Covering the Middle East region.

Marwa Alsubeih, Global Analysis Hub

Data Collection Coordinator
Marwa joined ACAPS as Information Analyst in December 2020. She holds a M.Sc. in Food Security from the University of Warwick, as well as M.Sc. in Public Health and B.Sc. in Nutrition, both from the University of Jordan. Prior to joining ACAPS, she worked with local and international NGOs in the programme department. Her work focus was on implementing different health, nutrition, and food security projects.

Reynell Badillo, Rapid Analysis Team

Information Analyst
Reynell joined ACAPS in April 2020. He holds a BA in International Relations from the Universidad del Norte (Barranquilla, Colombia) and a MSc in International Studies from the Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia). Prior to joining ACAPS, he worked at the UN Caribe Think Tank at the Universidad del Norte and as a graduate assistant at the Universidad de los Andes. His academic research is focused on transnational organised crime in Latin America, Colombian armed conflict and drug trafficking. He is also a member of the network of experts of La Silla Vacía, a Colombian news website.

Christine Broenner, Cox's Bazar Analysis Hub

Team Leader
Christine has extensive experience in analysis, research and capacity building in (geo) information management in the context of sustainable development projects and programmes in Asia, Africa and Europe. She has also led on analyses and interoperability research in support of humanitarian operations and emergency response. She deployed for ACAPS to the Syria Needs Analysis Project (SNAP), the Nepal earthquake response in 2015, the European Migrant crisis in 2016 and, most recently, the Yemen Analysis Hub in Jordan.

Oyessorzo Rahman Chowdhury, Afghanistan Analysis Hub

Information Analyst
Oyessorzo joined the ACAPS Afghanistan Analysis Hub as Information Analyst in June 2022, after working for the ACAPS Cox's Bazar Analysis Hub since July 2021. Before joining ACAPS, Oyessorzo worked with Action Against Hunger’s Cox’s Bazar Base as a Communication and CwC Manager. Prior to that, she worked as a journalist in The Daily Star. She holds a Bachelor’s in Economics.

Laurène Deglaire

Quality Assurance Coordinator
Laurène joined ACAPS in June 2020 as a Content Editor and Quality Advisor. She holds a Master degree in International Humanitarian Law from Aix-Marseille University. Prior to joining ACAPS, she spent several years working for international originations in DRC, South Sudan, Haiti, and Guinea. She worked as a Program Manager at the Emergency Response Division of Handicap International (HI), and as a Program Analyst at the HI Institute on Humanitarian Action. She provided advise on policy, principled action, and ethical issues. She regularly visited HI programs in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Afghanistan, and the Central African Republic to help dealing with positioning and humanitarian dilemmas.

Mamadou Abasse Diop, Global Analysis Hub

Information Analyst
Abasse joined ACAPS in April 2021. He holds a PhD in Sociology from Gaston Berger University in Senegal. He is a specialist in social protection and precarious employment. Prior to joining ACAPS, he worked as head of the research department of Futur Au Present International, an NGO based in Ziguinchor, in the south of Senegal.

Covering West and Central Africa.

Joanna Franco, Colombia Analysis Hub

Team Leader
Joanna joined ACAPS in April 2022. She holds an MA in International, Political and Economic Affairs Analysis, and a specialisation in Armed Conflict Resolution. She has a solid background in human rights and transitional justice, with over 15 years of human rights experience working for INGOs, the European Union in Colombia and other Latin America countries, and the UN/OHCHR in DRC. She has extensive experience in research, inter-sectoral dialogue, developing and strengthening impact assessments and due diligence processes with a human rights and gender focus. She has also developed effective consultations with ethnic communities, protection mechanisms and the production and analysis of gender-disaggregated data. She has worked extensively with evaluations, technical tools, methodology development, and training in human rights and IHL.

Francesca Giovinazzo, Global Analysis Hub

Senior analyst
Francesca joined ACAPS in September 2017. Since then, she has worked as information analyst in Geneva and with the Yemen Analysis Hub in Amman, and was deployed to South Sudan and Afghanistan. She is currently responsible for the implementation of the CrisisInSight portfolio in the LAC region and Africa. Before joining ACAPS she worked for electoral support projects in the MENA region and as a trainee for the Democracy and Electoral Observation Division of the European External Action Service. She holds a BA in North Africa and Middle Eastern Studies and a MA in Political Science.

Sumaia Islam, Cox's Bazar Analysis Hub

Information Analyst
Sumaia Islam joined ACAPS in July 2022 at Cox’s Bazar Analysis Hub. Before joining ACAPS she worked as an Information Management Officer with ActionAid Bangladesh. She has pursued her master's in Urban Management and Development from the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Netherlands. Previously, she did Bachelor’s and Master’s in Geography and Environmental Studies. She also worked for the Refugee and Migratory Movement Research Unit (RMMRU) as Field Research Assistant. In 2021, she joined the humanitarian sector.

Helene Lafferty Smith, Rapid Analysis Team

Rapid Response Project Manager
Helene worked with ACAPS between 2011 and 2017, and re-joined the organization in 2020. She has a Master of Business and Economics from BI Norwegian School of Management with a specialization in logistics and supply chain management, and a Master of Science in Sustainable Development from the University of Utrecht. Helene was based in East Africa for 7 years where she worked with UNISDR, UNOCHA and on a renewable energy initiative for USAID. Most recently, before re-joining ACAPS, Helene was the Head Administrator of the Waldorf School of Garden City.

Paola Latorre, Global Analysis Hub

Information Analyst
Paola joined ACAPS in September 2021. She holds a BA in Law and Philosophy and an MSc in International Law from the Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia) and Education from the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (Bogotá, Colombia). Prior to joining ACAPS, she worked as a trial lawyer, as researcher at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional and as a graduate assistant at the Universidad de los Andes. Her academic research focuses on food security and sovereignty in Latin America, the Colombian armed conflict and peace education.

Covering the Latin America region.

Pauline Machogu, Global Analysis Hub

Information Analyst
Pauline joined ACAPS as an Information Analyst in May 2021. She holds a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Southampton and an MSc in Finance and Investments from Aston University. Prior to joining ACAPS, she worked in both the private and public sector in Kenya.

Covering East Africa.

Fred Maduma, Global Analysis Hub

Information Analyst
Fred joined ACAPS in March 2022 as a Data Collector to monitor the humanitarian situation in East Africa. He then moved to the position of Information Analyst in August 2022. He holds a BSc in Economics and Statistics from the University of Nairobi and a certificate in Data Analysis from Dalworth Statistical and Research Training Centre. Prior to joining ACAPS, he worked for both government institutions, such as the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, and the private sector.

Claudia Manili, Global Analysis Hub

Senior Data Analyst
Claudia joined ACAPS in October 2017 in Geneva, and was deployed in Papua New Guinea, Mozambique and Bangladesh. She holds a Master’s of International Relations (Milan), a Master’s in International Humanitarian Action (Groningen / Aix-Marseille), and recently she specialised in Data Science (Milan). In the past she worked in project management and research and she gained field experience in several countries, such as Tanzania, Greece, Iraq and Ethiopia.

Mohammed Martinez, Colombia Analysis Hub

Information Analyst
Mohammed joined ACAPS in September 2021. He holds a MA in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS)- University of Sussex and a master’s in Public Policy from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He has a strong background in conflict research, access to justice, peacebuilding, and poverty reduction issues in Colombia as he has worked in national and international NGOs.

Federica Mastroianni, Afghanistan Analysis Hub

Senior Analyst
Federica joined the ACAPS Afghanistan Analysis Hub as Senior Analyst in June 2022, after working for the ACAPS Cox's Bazar Analysis Hub since April 2020. Before joining ACAPS, Federica worked as Information Manager for the UNHCR Regional Office for Southern Europe, the IFRC Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia, the Danish Refugee Council in Myanmar and as part of the Oxfam Global Humanitarian Team, with a focus on protection information management and community engagement. She holds an MA in International Cooperation and Development.

Mahir Musleh, Global Analysis Hub

Information Analyst
Mahir joined ACAPS in March 2022 as an Information Analyst. He holds a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Dhaka and McGill University, respectively. Prior to joining ACAPS, he worked at two Bangladesh-based think tanks.

Angeliki Nika, Global Analysis Hub

Team Leader
Angeliki is a senior analyst and focal point for the upcoming Global Crisis Severity Index project. She has previously worked with ACAPS as an Information Analyst from October 2015 to October 2016 focusing on Nigeria and Somalia. She was involved in the ACAPS Caribbean response to Hurricane Irma and Maria project and was deployed to Dominica in December 2017. Before then, she worked with local human rights organisations and IOM on the mixed migration response in Greece and Malta. And between October 2016 and October 2017 Angeliki worked as a policy and advocacy officer with Oxfam in Greece. She holds a Bachelor's in International and European Studies and a Master's Degree in Public International Law and Human Rights.

Claudia Ortega Muga, Ukraine Analysis Hub

Information Analyst
Claudia joined the ACAPS analysis team in November 2019. She holds an MBA in International Business Administration and Multilateral Financial Institutions from the Foreign Trade Institute of Spain (ICEX), and a B.A. in International Relations from Complutense University of Madrid. Prior to joining ACAPS, she worked at the Emergency Response Section of UN OCHA in Geneva and the Embassy of Spain in New Delhi. She has also acquired experience in the private sector working for different companies as an economic and political analyst.

Huda Qasim, Rapid Analysis Team

Information Analyst
Huda joined ACAPS in April 2021. She holds a BA in Computer Science and an MSc in Management Information Systems. She previously worked for UNHCR and UNRWA.

Chiara Rizzi, Global Analysis Hub

Data Scientist
Chiara joined ACAPS in February 2022. She has a background in physics and data analytics. After an MSc in physics at the University of Milan, she started working at CERN and obtained a PhD from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She was a member of the ATLAS and FASER collaborations, where she focused on the analysis of the experimental data to search for new particles, using advanced statistical techniques.

Laura Lucia Rodriguez Peña, Rapid Analysis Team/ Colombia Analysis Hub

Information Analyst
Laura Lucía holds an MA in Migration Studies from University of Sussex in the United Kingdom and a BA in International Relations from Pontifical Xaverian University (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana) in Colombia. She has worked with the Jesuit Refugee Service, the Museum for the United Nations and on peacebuilding projects with the research centre CINEP in Colombia. Her experience and academic focus is on migration and internal displacement flows due to conflict, and peacebuilding in Colombia.

Abim Sharpe, Ukraine Analysis Hub

Information Analyst
Abim joined ACAPS in May 2020. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from Drexel University and a M.A. in Political Science with a focus on globalization from the University of Lausanne. He previously worked as an intern at the Bureau de l’égalité entre les femmes et les hommes (BEFH), a government office in charge of promoting gender equality in Canton Vaud, Switzerland.

Laura Spray

Analysis Coordinator
Laura joined the ACAPS analysis team in August 2019. She holds an MSc in Environmental Risks and Human Security, a joint degree from the United Nations University and the University of Bonn. She has work experience in emergency response and preparedness at both the international level–through UN OCHA in Geneva–and at a local level, working for a West London Borough’s emergency management department. She was also a research assistant for the German Development Institute, focused on topics such as global climate action and policy. Prior to her relevant work experience, she gained a Bachelor of Environmental Studies degree from the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Sajnin Tasnim, Cox's Bazar Analysis Hub

Information Analyst
Sajnin joined ACAPS Cox’s Bazar Analysis Hub as Information Analyst in July 2021. Before joining ACAPS, Sajnin worked with REACH Initiatives’ Bangladesh mission as a Senior GIS Officer. She holds a Bachelor’s in Urban and Regional Planning (URP).

Sandie Walton-Ellery, Cox's Bazar Analysis Hub

Strategic Advisor
Sandie has been working consistently on needs assessments since 2007 and she has been a remote part of the ACAPS team since its inception. She spent 12 years living in South Asia and she he has been deployed for ACAPS to: lead real time assessments and analysis, work on training and capacity building, and facilitate assessment preparedness in places including Eastern Ukraine, Nepal, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh (a country she retains a strong interest in). Sandie is particularly keen on how to give voice to affected people themselves and how to better value local knowledge on disaster events.

Ewa Wieliczko, Ukraine Analysis Hub

Team Leader
Ewa joined ACAPS as an Information Analyst in September 2017. She currently holds a Senior Analyst position in the CrisisInSight team in Amman. Previously she was an Analyst in the ACAPS Yemen Analysis Hub responsible for trends, protection and gender analysis and the capacity building. Before joining ACAPS, she worked for NGOs and grassroot movements in Poland focusing on women rights and gender issues. She holds a Master’s degree in Law with a specialisation in Fundamental Rights and Liberties.


Danielle Ayo, Vienna

Communications Officer
Danielle joined the ACAPS Communications team in August 2020. She holds a BA in International Relations and Film & TV from the Nottingham Trent University. Previously, she worked in the Public Information section of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization, and supported annual conferences of the Essl Foundation. Through her passion of combining design, communication and international relations, Danielle has worked closely with the Philippine Embassy, PACES, and led multiple campaigns focused on the youth sections of MFC across Europe.

Alice Fogliata Cresswell, London

Language Editor
Alice joined ACAPS in April 2021 as a Language Editor. She holds a BA in Languages and Communication from Italy, a MSc in Development Studies from the UK, an MBA from Spain, and a Certificate in Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising from the USA. With over 10 years of experience, Alice is specialised in communications for the international development sector. She has worked with several international organisations, INGOs, NGOs and project teams to help them devise and refine their communications strategies, improve their online presence, establish editorial calendars, and produce high-quality reports and publications.

Rocio Madero Cadarso, Geneva

Communications Officer
Rocio joined ACAPS in March 2020. She holds a BA in Journalism and a MA in Communication of Armed Conflicts, Peace and Social Movements. She has participated in the Inter-University Programme on the Mediterranean and Arab World by the European Institute of the Mediterranean in Barcelona. Prior to joining ACAPS, she worked as a journalist for the Spanish news media, where she developed a professional career on the International/Latin American desk. She also collaborated in the Communication Department of several INGOs, including Defence for Children International in Geneva.

Antoine Marinot, London

Graphic Designer
Antoine joined ACAPS in October 2020 as Graphic Designer. He holds a BA in Graphic Design and Visual Communication, and a Masters degree in Digital Creation and Publishing from Paris 8 University. He has worked for several agencies in Paris before going freelance, with clients ranging from big brands to small independent businesses. He is particularly interested in branding, webdesign and all printed material.

Humanitarian Analysis Programme

Ali Arbia, Geneva

Training Unit Coordinator
Ali joined ACAPS in March 2020 as Senior Analyst for the Rapid Analysis Team. Previously he worked for over ten years as researcher and trainer, covering issues ranging from armed violence to arms trafficking and international trade. He did field research in several African countries including Tunisia, Madagascar, Mali, and Mauritania. He holds a PhD in International Relations (Political Science) from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, and was a Post Doctoral researcher at the Otto Suhr Institute of Political Science at the Freie Universität Berlin.

Eirini Karanisa, Geneva

Training Project Officer
Eirini Karanisa joined ACAPS in early November 2019. She has an education background both for children and adults. She holds a Master from the University of Geneva in Teaching and Learning Technologies. She has worked for various organizations as a pedagogical engineer where she applied her skills related to adult education. Most recently, she has worked at ICRC as assistant for the revision of the Health Emergencies in Large Populations (HELP) course.

Rolf Martin Bakken, Oslo

Training Coordinator
Rolf has more than 15 years of experience with disaster management and humanitarian assistance, in particular with emergency response, needs analysis, and coordination of disaster operations. He works extensively with evaluations, methodology development, and training-design focusing on participatory learning methods and action-based learning. He has worked for OCHA/UNDAC in both complex emergencies and emergency responses to sudden onset disasters. Rolf worked for ACAPS as an assessment expert on the Syria Needs Analysis Project in 2013-14, and in subsequent years as a senior analyst on the response to Cyclone Idai in Mozambique 2019 and the Beirut Port Explosion in 2020. He has held the position of the ACAPS Training Coordinator for several years and has been involved in the development of the HAP curriculum since the inception of the programme.


Mercy Akatujuna, Geneva

Finance and accounting officer
Mercy joined ACAPS in June 2020. She is a UK chartered accountant and holds a BSc in Land Surveying from Makerere University Kampala. Her professional journey started at Ernst & Young in Kampala where she trained as an auditor and performed engagements at state parastatals and not for profit organisations. Mercy was responsible for Treasury at Lafarge’s Ugandan subsidiary, Hima Cement. Prior to ACAPS, she was part of the consulting team at Rocque Advisory Sàrl, a Geneva-based public finance consulting firm.

Fatiha Fares, Geneva

HR Technical Officer
Fatiha joined ACAPS in 2015. Fatiha had worked as Project Development staff for USAID and assumed roles in Trade Finance for international organisations in Switzerland. Fatiha developed into the Human resources area over the past years and is currently assuming the Human Resources Officer role.

Tiu Giltsoff, Geneva

Administration Assistant
Tiu joined ACAPS as an Administration Assistant in July 2022 at 50%. She holds a Maturité Professionnelle Bilingual English diploma. She combines her work at ACAPS with the Haute Ecole de Gestion (HEG) in the International Business Management sector as a part-time student.

Alice Grobler, Oslo

Fundraising & Grants Coordinator
Alice joined ACAPS in April 2021. She has an transdisciplinary academic background in international development, global health, and climate change, holding master’s degrees from both University College London and the University of Cape Town. Prior to joining ACAPS, Alice spent eight years working with international development and humanitarian organisations in project management, grants coordination, research, and technical capacity support roles. She has gained field experience in several countries across sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Anna Kubat, Geneva

Procurement & Admin Officer
Anna teamed up ACAPS Support unit in November 2019. Her educational background is related to the Applied Linguistics and French Studies. Her professional path led her to the humanitaria sector in early 2019 when she joined the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) office in Geneva as an administrative assistant.

Maria Marques Nogueira, Oslo

Finance Advisor
Maria joined ACAPS in June 2019. She has over eight years of experience in finance and economics. Prior to joining ACAPS, she worked for several private companies in Brazil. She has also been part of the Budget Team of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee.

Nour Shamseldin, Geneva

Executive Officer
Nour joined ACAPS as an Executive Officer in June 2022. She holds a master’s degree in International Relations from Leiden University, and B.Sc. in Political Science from Cairo University. Previously, she worked as a humanitarian analyst with ACAPS, Data Friendly Space and iMMAP. Nour also gained experience in Lebanon where she worked as a research assistant in Issam Fares Institute at the American University of Beirut, Foreign Policy Magazine and the Financial Times.