We maximise synergies with other humanitarian organisations

ACAPS encourages organisations and individuals of the humanitarian community to implement a collaborative approach. By understanding where perspectives contrast or complement, we can benefit from each other's work.

Is there an opportunity for us to partner with your organisation?

ACAPS makes resources and data available in various formats. In order to do so, we engage and establish collaborations with like-minded organisations. Scenario-building workshops, joint analysis, and training sessions are a few examples of the work we can do together.

For more information, please contact ACAPS Head of Programme, Nathalie Herlemont-Zoritchak, at nhz(at) 

Tell us what you think of our work and what you need from us

The ACAPS team is in permanent contact with a global network of humanitarian actors. We always look forward to listening to your concerns, feedback, and requests so that we can improve our work and help you make better decisions. 

Do you see a need for analysis or any information tool that we have not provided yet? Is there an important area or region which we have left out? Do you have feedback on the accuracy of our data or additional information that could complement our analysis? Any comments are more than welcome!

Please drop us a line using our social media channels or contacting us directly at info(at)

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ACAPS gratefully acknowledges the contributions and support currently provided by these sources.

ACAPS’ work is a public good for the humanitarian sector and requires support from the donor community to ensure the project’s continuation.

We maintain a diverse set of donors to guarantee that ACAPS is not influenced by the individual agenda of any specific organisation. For more information about donations, please contact us at