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At ACAPS we believe in the power of information. We are the go-to platform for making sense of humanitarian crises.


With a commitment to producing timely, independent, and insightful data, we empower responders around the globe to deliver life-saving aid more effectively.


Join us in our missing to transform data into action and making a real difference in the world.

Our leadership


Lars Peter Nissen

“We work with the tension between high quality evidence and ‘good enough’ timely analysis to ensure our work is impactful. Our slogan is ‘See the crisis, change the outcome’. Some people think we are a think tank, but we are actually more of a ‘do tank’ - our quickest product comes out in 24 hours.”

Lars Peter Nissen

Chief Analyst

Nathalie Herlemont-Zoritchak

Chief of Staff

Caroline Draveny

"I invariably find ACAPS material brilliantly researched, and complementary to the humanitarian information collated by Reliefweb. We use their materials when we cover complex emergencies in our accredited Participatory Disaster Risk Management programs."

Chris Piper
Torqaid CEO

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