Ripple effects of the conflict in Ukraine: truths and myths
Created: 22/12/2022 +


This report provides a commentary on relevant datasets (mainly on food prices and food inflation) as it examines trends related to the economic effects of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine on selected countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. ACAPS assessed publicly available information and data on the economic impacts of the war resulting from supply chain disruptions, comparing different sources and datasets and highlighting any similarities or contradictions. The methodology behind the datasets and analyses assessed was considered in the commentary, whenever available.

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Laos: Floods in Attapeu province
Created: 26/07/2018 +


Following days of heavy rainfall due to the passage of Son-Tinh tropical storm over the country, a hydro-power dam under construction overflowed in Attapeu province, releasing 5 billion cubic metres of water. 16,256 people living in eight downstream villages of Sanamxay District were affected. Around 223 houses were partially damaged and at least 20 are completely damaged. 26 people are confirmed dead and more than 130 people are missing. These events took place while the monsoon season is ongoing which could exacerbate the situation and hamper the recovery of the affected communities.