DRC: IDPs and refugees to Congo-Brazzaville
Created: 14/02/2019 +


Violent clashes involving the Banunu and Batende communities in Yumbi, Mai-Ndombe province, DRC between 16 and 18 December 2018 caused at least 535 fatalities, injured some 150, and displaced approximately 30,000 people. While some 16,000 people crossed Congo river into Republic of the Congo/Congo-Brazzaville (abbreviated “Congo-B”), 12,000 others were internally displaced to small islands on the Congo river or remote localities in the countryside. Both the IDPs in DRC and the refugees in Congo-B lack adequate shelter and have lost their livelihoods. Inadequate WASH facilities and the ongoing rainy season increase risks of waterborne diseases.


Humanitarian Overview: an analysis of key crises into 2018
Created: 30/11/2017 +


Humanitarian Overview 2018 examines major humanitarian crises worldwide to identify likely developments and corresponding needs. The report focuses on countries where the crisis trend indicates a deterioration in 2018 and a corresponding increase in need. It also includes countries where crisis is not predicted to worsen, but is likely to remain severe: Ethiopia, Iraq, Nigeria, Palestine, Sudan, and Syria. Across these countries, food security, displacement, health, and protection are expected
to be the most pressing humanitarian needs in 2018. 

Republic of Congo: Conflict in Pool department
Created: 06/06/2017 +


Since late September, several armed clashes between government forces and militia Nsilulu, also known as Ninja, have occurred in Pool Department. According to the government, more than 60 fatal attacks have been carried out. According to the latest census in 2007, more than 126,000 people are living in these areas and have been affected by the conflict. At least 23,000 people have been displaced since March 2016. Internally displaced people are in dire need of shelter, food, and clean water. People are living with families, on church grounds, in public buildings or in overcrowded makeshift sites. Following significant sustained fighting early 2017, thousands more people were estimated to be displaced. However, due to security issues and limited access given by the government, no independent confirmation has been possible, leaving uncertainty around the total number of displaced people.