Zimbabwe: Tropical Cyclone Idai, Update I
Created: 29/03/2019 +


Since the publication of the ACAPS Zimbabwe Tropical Cyclone Idai Briefing Note on 19 March, severe flooding continues to affect eastern Zimbabwe. In total, it is estimated that 270,000 people have been affected in nine districts, mainly in Chimanimani (115,000) and Chipinge (122,000) districts, Manicaland province. This marks a significant increase of more than 250,000 people since ACAPS‘ last report, likely due to increased access to previously cut-off areas and improved data. As of 25 March, more than 180 people have been killed, 170 injured and 330 remain missing. There is now confirmation that at least 4,500 people have been displaced. Main priorities remain health assistance, food, and shelter provision.