Yemen: The Houthi Supervisory System
Created: 17/06/2020 +


The complex interplay of formal and informal political, military, and security structures in Yemen poses a challenge for humanitarian agencies trying to operate on the ground while adhering to humanitarian principles in Houthi-controlled territories. This situation is made even more complex by the increasing competition between different wings of the Houthi movement, and between local elites and the central regime, for the control of state institutions. Understanding political environments is key to ensuring an effective provision of humanitarian assistance. In Yemen, particularly, a thorough understanding of local elite networks is needed in order for humanitarians to engage with state actors in a way that is neutral, impartial, and independent.
This report explores the history of the Houthi movement and the structure of the Houthi regime highlighting the need for nuanced and customised approaches to state authorities in different parts of Houthi-controlled Yemen.