Yemen: Fuel supply dynamics
Created: 06/09/2022 +


This report collates and compares fuel price structures in areas under the control of the de-facto authority (DFA) in the north of Yemen (also known as the Houthis) and those under the administrative control of the Internationally Recognized Government of Yemen (IRG). It also examines the differences in fuel price structures in DFA areas when fuel enters directly via Al Hodeidah port compared to when significant volumes are trucked overland from IRG to DFA areas during periods of reduced import activity via Al Hodeidah. The report identifies and analyses overland fuel trucking and distribution routes – specifically routes used to truck fuel from IRG to DFA areas. It uses satellite imagery to examine the use of these trucking and distribution routes and assesses the number of fuel trucks resent at key points along these routes, both before and after the UN-brokered truce came into effect on 2 April 2022.