Yemen CrisisInSight: Trends in 2019 & Outlook into 2020
Created: 13/05/2020 +


This report aims to provide a summary of key trends that affected the humanitarian situation in 2019, and key trends to watch in 2020, to support humanitarian planning.
Following five years of conflict between the Houthis and the internationally recognised Government of Yemen (IRG), peace efforts in 2019 reduced the number of civilian casualties and displacement in Yemen. Airstrikes significantly decreased in the second half of the year and civilian casualties decreased by 34% compared to 2018. However, humanitarian needs remained high, particularly for the most vulnerable groups. Yemenis are struggling to cope with rising costs as years of conflict depleted their resources and halved the job market, and are becoming increasingly dependent on humanitarian aid and remittances. Although the number of airstrikes decreased sharply, the number of shelling and explosive incidents increased. These weapons had a higher impact on civilians, especially children. Renewed conflict could see civilian casualties, displacement, and economic desperation rise sharply again in 2020.

لقراءة هذا التقرير بالغة العربية الرجاء الضغط على هذا الرابط