Yemen crisis: Five years of data
Created: 18/06/2020 +


This dataset brings together data from a range of sources to provide a greater overall and comparative changes of the Yemen situation and context in past five years at country level. The indicators are selected based on the avialablity of data and based on ACAPS analytical framework specified in the ACAPS core data set product from Yemen. When analysing and interpreting the data, please be aware that some indicators are tablulated at monthly and some are in Yearly based on data avilability and nature of indicator. There are major impediments on collecting information in Yemen. Therefore, this dataset has been given a ‘Medium’ reliability ranking by the ACAPS analyst team. The Yemen Analyst Hub recommends that this dataset is used only as a starting point. It will enable you to quickly see the five years trend in Yemen crisis. However, for operational decision making, we recommend you check the sources of data and cosult with data sourced organisation and frontline workers.