Yemen: Conflict in Hajjah
Created: 15/04/2019 +


Escalation of conflict in Hajjah governorate, particularly in Abs district, risks displacing up to 400,000 people. IDPs are likely to move in two directions: 1) South along the Tihama plain into northern Al Hudaydah, an area heavily impacted by the conflict-related displacement 2) To eastern districts of Hajjah, which have the highest cholera rates in the governorate and poor food security. IDPs are likely to present acute needs, exceeding the capacities of the current response. Abs district, in the direct path of the offensive, hosts up to 210,000 IDPs in over 160 settlements. Most have already been displaced multiple times and have acute shelter, WASH, food, and health needs. Conflict in Abs is likely to disrupt vital WASH and health services. Abs hosts the main water source and the district hospital. With the ongoing rainy season, and cholera cases already on the rise, these services are particularly important and should be protected.

لقراءة هذا التقرير بالغة العربية أضغط على هذا الرابط