Yemen: Bimonthly economic update
Created: 24/01/2023 +


The stability observed in November was partially the result of the announcement of upcoming support to the Central Bank of Yemen (CBY) in Aden, namely, a conversion of the Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) and financial support from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. On 17 November, the Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) of the IRG, Rashid Al-Alimi, announced that CBY-Aden will receive USD 300 million by converting a portion of Yemen’s SDRs as issued by the IMF.

The YETI bimonthly economic update aims to provide a quick overview of the main economic trends in Yemen, including commodities prices, exchange rate, food and fuel imports volumes and major contextual events. It is based on data included in the YETI dashboard and follows its module structure.