Yemen: bimonthly economic update
Created: 15/12/2022 +


Initially signed on 2 April, the truce between the Internationally Recognized Govern-ment of Yemen (IRG) and the de-facto authority (DFA) in the north of Yemen (also known as the Houthis) ended on 2 October. The parties did not extend the truce, and one reason was the DFA demand to change the proposal regarding public sector salary payments to include additional personnel from their Defense Ministry and Ministry of Interior, which the IRG Presidential Leadership Council rejected. UN-facilitated negotiation efforts to revive the truce continue, including talks on public sector salaries, the reopening of roads, and commercial flights from Sana’a airport.

The YETI bimonthly economic update aims to provide a quick overview of the main economic trends in Yemen, including commodities prices, exchange rate, food and fuel imports volumes and major contextual events. It is based on data included in the YETI dashboard and follows its module structure.