Vulnerability to COVID-19 containment measures
Created: 21/04/2020 +


Countries across the world are enforcing a range of measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. These include, but are not limited to, closures of non-essential businesses, schools and borders and other restrictions aimed at enforcing social distancing. As of mid-April an estimated 2.6 billion people are living under a partial or full lockdown. The impact of COVID-19 containment measures on a country will differ depending on current living conditions and access to essential services, as well as social cohesion and standards of protection available to the population. ACAPS’ analysis is focused on how low- and middle-income countries are vulnerable to containment measures. This is a first-step analysis product, which will shape ACAPS country and regional case studies that will look into some of these issues in greater depth. The analysis in this report is based on secondary data review. It also takes in to consideration data retrieved from ACAPS Humanitarian Experts Network and ACAPS Government Measures dataset.