Türkiye: Floods
Created: 25/03/2023 +


On 14 March 2023, only five weeks after two earthquakes struck southeastern Türkiye, severe flooding hit the southern provinces of the country. As at 23 March, there were at least 19 reported deaths, and several people were still missing. The most affected areas were Adiyaman and Sanlıurfa, which also suffered from the earthquakes on 6 February. The number of people in need remains uncertain, but the flooding has likely affected all the residents of Adiyaman (over 200,000) and at least 1,251 households in Sanliurfa. Heavy rainfall caused a river to overflow, leading to flooding in Adiyaman’s Tut district and Malatya’s Dogansehir district. The floods have further increased the contamination of water already poor in quality as a result of infrastructure damage during the earthquake. The overlapping events have increased food, shelter, and WASH needs.