Sudan: Displacement due to conflict in Blue Nile state
Created: 28/07/2022 +


The latest intercommunal violence in Blue Nile state began on 13 July 2022, between members of the Hausa tribe on one side and the Hamaj and Berta tribes on the other. On 16 July, the Sudanese Government deployed the military and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces to bring stability to the region. It also banned gatherings and imposed a one-month nightly curfew starting on 19 July. Despite these measures, clashes broke out again on 20 July. As at 25 July, the violence had killed at least 90 individuals and injured more than 300. It had also led to the displacement of 31,000 people. Priority needs for the displaced include food, WASH, health assistance, and NFIs, including mattresses and blankets.