Somalia: Drought
Created: 23/03/2016 +


Significant pasture degradation and water shortages have been reported in parts of Somalia due to dry weather and high evaporation rates (FSNAU 18/03/2016). In total, one million people are estimated to be affected by the drought (DRC 11/03/2016). The most affected areas are the northern regions of Puntland and Somaliland Hiraan and Gedo regions in Southcentral Somalia.

In northern regions, two consecutive below-average rain seasons (July–September and October–December) have severely affected pasture and water conditions, and the current dry season (January–March) is worsening the situation. Below-normal rainfall and drought conditions are leading to large-scale food insecurity, abnormal outmigration of livestock, rising water prices, and a sharp increase in debt levels among poor households. Farmers and herders are the most affected (OCHA 09/03/2016). Some relief is expected with the 2016 rainy season in April, which is forecasted to be average (GIEWS 17/03/2016; FEWSNET 29/02/2016).