Philippines: Taal volcano
Created: 20/07/2021 +


On 1 July, a phreatomagmatic eruption was recorded from the main crater of the Taal Volcano, approximately 70km south of central Manila. This triggered an alert level 3, and the eruption of the volcano appears to be imminent. In the January 2020 eruption, around 736,000 people were affected. On 17 July, the Taal Volcano recorded 87 volcanic earthquakes and a low-level background tremor that has persisted since 7 July. High levels of volcanic sulfur dioxide emissions and steam-rich plumes were generated from the main crater. At alert level 3, magma extruded from the main crater could drive an explosive eruption. The Taal Volcano island is currently considered a danger zone. Accessing the island and the Agoncillo and Laurel municipalities is hazardous because there is a risk of a volcanic tsunami if strong eruptions occur.