Monitoring needs assessments: Central African Republic
Created: 22/04/2016 +


This report presents the results of an exercise to collect and analyse the humanitarian needs assessment reports conducted in the Central African Republic (CAR) since December 2013. It aims to reinforce humanitarian actors’ understanding of the CAR crisis by: 

  • analysing the humanitarian needs assessments landscape;
  • identifying the limitations of these assessments; and
  • presenting courses of action to reinforce practices and minimise constraints. 

This monitoring needs assessments (MNA) exercise does not cover all the information available and required for an analysis of the crisis. It focuses on the assessment of humanitarian needs over a set period: 1 December 2013 to end June 2014. It therefore does not include assessments made prior to this period, nor works on the CAR and the crisis in the country such as thematic or analytic reports.