Iraq: Impact of COVID-19 on Education
Created: 09/11/2020 +


Iraq's education sector has faced obstacles for decades due to multiple crises including prolonged conflict, protracted displacement, economic crisis, and subsequent social and political tensions. New crises emerged at the end of 2019 and beginning of this year, including: public discontent and waves of protests that started in October 2019, and the economic repercussions of COVID-19 containment measures in March 2020 coupled with a severe drop in oil prices. These new crises are applying even more pressure on the already fragile education system and affecting access to education. This analysis, which is based on primary data gathered in group discussions involving a variety of operational actors as well as secondary data, illustrates the potential impact on humanitarian needs that these crises are likely to have at individual, family, community and state levels. The analysis also identifies population groups that are likely to be disproportionately affected by these crises.