DRC: impact of intercommunal violence and displacement in Kwango, Kwilu, and Mai-Ndombe provice
Created: 21/12/2022 +


Clashes between the Teke and Yaka communities over a land dispute have displaced more than 48,000 people in Kwango, Kwilu, and Mai-Ndombe provinces since 24 July. A customary fee imposed on so-called non-native populations is at the origin of the crisis, which started in Kwamouth territory (Mai-Ndombe) before spreading to other territories and provinces, such as Kwilu and, more recently, Kinshasa. More than 180 people have died since the violence began, although this figure is probably underestimated as not all the victims have been counted and sporadic clashes are often unreported. The clashes started in Mai-Ndombe province before spreading to Kwilu province and are likely to spread to other provinces, such as Kwango , which host many people already displaced as
a result of this crisis.