DRC: Ebola outbreak in Equateur province
Created: 08/06/2020 +


On 31 May, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) declared its 11th Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak (on record), in Wangata health zone, in the southern part of Mbandaka city, capital of Equateur province and in the city’s surrounding area, and Bikoro. Given Mbandaka is a major river port with significant connections to other parts of the DRC, there is risk of spread to other areas of DRC if tracing does not identify all cases and prevent further contamination. The current outbreak is likely separate from the tenth EVD outbreak in the country’s eastern region, which is currently in its count-down phase. At least four people may have died of the virus, some between 18 and 30 May. The current figure of suspected or confirmed cases is at least 8 and could be up to 12 or more. The most recent case was identified 150 km away in Bikoro town.