COVID-19 Impact on humanitarian operations
Created: 08/04/2020 +


ACAPS has conducted a Quick Impact Survey as part of its efforts to better understand the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and its impact on current humanitarian operations. It was sent to humanitarian organisations worldwide. The Quick Impact Survey conducted between 27 March and 30 March, asked nine questions about the impact of government measures on operations, steps taken to protect staff and affected people, and five additional questions about the respondents. Overall, ACAPS received 136 responses from 95 different respondents, including over 80 non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The responses covered at least 52 different countries of operation, not including single answers for multiple countries, regional responses, or headquarters.
ACAPS has developed an analytical framework to approach the analysis of this ongoing and quickly developing crisis. We published a report on initial government measures and will continue to monitor new government measures and their impact. Based on these insights, and in collaboration with partners, ACAPS is also working on forward-looking analysis and scenarios for the humanitarian community to better prepare for the changes to come.