COVID-19 Humanitarian Outcome Survey: Key findings VI
Created: 18/05/2020 +


The Humanitarian Experts Network was established by ACAPS on the 6th of April this year. Each week we have invited HEN members to participate in a COVID-19 perceptions survey – about what they are seeing, thinking, and doing in the contexts they work. We do this because we believe their knowledge and understanding is a valuable source of information that can help tell a richer story about the impact of COVID-19 on lives and livelihoods around the globe. In this 6th report we asked humanitarians and development workers about:

  • Where in the COVID-19 outbreak they think their country specific context is in
  • Food access and how to improve it
  • Livelihoods challenged by COVID-19
  • How programmes are affected and
  • COVID-19’s impact on gender sensitive programming

Click here to see HEN results for your region or country in a dashboard format.