COVID-19 Humanitarian Outcome Survey: Key findings IV
Created: 04/05/2020 +


This report shares findings from HEN’s fourth global survey launched on 27 April 2020. This report focuses on: top concerns related to COVID-19 impacts, the direct and indirect health impacts experienced in country, movement restrictions, and people’s access to services. HEN members were also asked about information gaps. Reports that health services are overwhelmed come from HEN respondents in North America and Europe but not from other parts of the world.  This is in line with media reports indicating that the pandemic has had a great impact elsewhere.  Respondents in the Middle East and Africa reported the least impact on health services. There is a perceived lack of transparency in information shared by many governing authorities.  HEN members reported doubts or mistrust in statistics related to COVID-19 including the number of cases, degree of testing and tests number of available. From April 27 to May 4, the HEN network grew to 777 members from 409 organisations across 98 countries. 100 HEN members participated in this week’s survey. This report analyses the results by region (Africa, Middle East and North Africa, Asia and Oceania, South America, North America, and Europe).