COVID-19 Humanitarian Outcome Survey: Key findings III
Created: 27/04/2020 +


This report shares findings from HEN’s third global survey launched on 20 April 2020. From 20 April to 27 April, the HEN network grew to 707 members from 373 organisations across 97 countries, and 66 HEN members participated in the third online survey. This tells us the HEN is a good idea and you want this information, but it also presents a challenge to providing the most complete story possible. We recognize that HEN members are busy and under pressure, and greatly value the time taken to respond, but we need more surveys completed weekly.
The COVID-19 crisis is the combination of the measures being used to contain it and the behaviours they provoke; the impact goes far beyond health. Your voice, and your opinions shape how we collectively understand the impact on the communities, households and individuals in your respective locations. To make this work, we need your input. We will keep the surveys brief, we will continue to be better, more targeted, and we will promise to get the information to you as quickly as we can every week, within days of closing the survey.