COVID-19 Humanitarian Outcome Survey: Key findings
Created: 20/04/2020 +


To help make sense of the COVID-19 crisis ACAPS launched the Humanitarian Experts network (HEN), a contributing group of humanitarian experts based all over the world who can provide rapid information as the crisis unfolds. This report shares findings from HEN’s second global survey launched on 14 April 2020. 122 HEN members participated in the survey and 134 new humanitarians joined the network in the last week. The HEN network has 596 members from 266 organisations across 90 countries. Thank you to everyone who joined the network and completed the latest survey. Our network continued to grow. This week, technical glitches prevented some of our members from responding. We apologise and are working on fixing this for future rounds. 

Please share the HEN network with your contacts across the globe who can help us all develop a clearer picture of how this crisis is evolving and impacting on the most vulnerable communities.
To join the HEN and participate in future surveys, click here.