COVID-19: Government Measures
Created: 19/03/2020 +


Beginning in January 2020, WHO has encouraged governments to reduce transmission of COVID-19. These efforts include active surveillance, detection, isolation and treatment, and contact tracing. This report maps the initial measures adopted by governments. It is a component of ACAPS’s broader effort to monitor the impact of the pandemic.

This report is based on publicly available data assembled by our team through a wide scanning of information across the globe. It provides an initial analysis of the data. In order to share the information quickly, the analysis is descriptive and cannot yet be thorough. We present these initial findings along with the data set. As resources will need to be carefully prioritized, we present a holistic analysis based on broad information. As information changes and data evolve and our analysis will deepen.

We are still in the early stages of the pandemic and report mainly on initial government policies. Rules and guidelines are changing daily. We anticipate providing an update to this report weekly.